How to Play

Download the official PIKL Challenge app, register your account, and you will be ready to play the game! 

A Private Game is a game setup by a user in which only people invited by the game creator can play. All actions including viewing submitted video entries, voting and commenting on submitted entries can only be done by those who are invited.

Who can join: Invitation Only
Who can view videos: Game Entrants Only
Who can vote: Game Entrants Only
Who can comment: Game Entrants Only

A Public Game is a game setup by a user in which only people invited by the game creator can play, however the PIKL community can participate somewhat by viewing submitted videos and also having the ability to leave comments. Only the people invited can join and vote.

Who can join: Invitation Only
Who can view videos: PIKL Community
Who can vote: Game Entrants Only
Who can comment: PIKL Community

Difficulty Levels

There are four levels of difficulty, and each level has 1-4 star ranked challenges:

PIKL Difficulty Level 1 (Easy)

This free-to-play entry level is fun and entertaining for people of all ages! An ideal place for beginners to compete in simple challenges that don’t require much more than some effort and ingenuity.

PIKL Difficulty Level 2 (Intermediate)

These challenges are more difficult and may take you away from your home or you may need to use props and/or specific items to complete. Appropriate for people of all ages, but may include some awkward moments!

PIKL Difficulty Level 3 (hard)

This is where stuff starts to get a bit crazy. Recommended for players ages 18 and up. Challenges are more adventurous, and players will have to use their creativity! Some challenges may be considered offside or downright embarassing! Be creative if the Challenge does not quite apply to you.   If you don’t have a lake maybe a pool will do!!

PIKL Difficulty Level 3 (Extreme)

Enter at your own risk!! Recommended for groups of people who are wagering a decent amount of money or want to test their true levels of craziness. Strictly ages 18 and up only. This is the absolute test of being caught in a PIKL, so accept these challenges at your own risk. Nothing is off-limits – be prepared to do the absurd, the wild, the crazy… your video evidence will be comedic gold! Do you have what it takes to complete a 4 star challenge?

PIKL - Adding Friends to List

From the Home page, click the Friends tab on the bottom right of the screen. Find your friends using the magnifying glass on the top right, enter their user name to search. Select your friend from the results, and click the button to follow them (they will automatically receive an invitation to follow back). Once the invite is accepted, you will see them on your Friends list. To create your own PIKL Challenge, the participants must all be on your Friends list!

PIKL - Creating Friend Groups

If you like you can pick and choose Friends to add to a custom group in order to follow your progress in a private Leader Board! From the Friends tab, click Create Group and select which friends to add, and click Submit. Group Leader Boards will be enabled on the main Leader Boards section. You can now track your standings against this group of friends!

PIKL - Inviting Friends to a PIKL Challenge

When creating a new game, you will be able to invite any individuals or groups from your Friends List. A minimum of 3 players is required to start a PIKL Challenge!

PIKL - Creating a New Game

To create a new PIKL Challenge Game, click on the “+” sign on the Home page. Enter the name of your Game and an optional description.  Then select the start date, and the time when you want the game to begin!   Players will receive their first set of challenges at this time and all remaining challenges will be sent at the SAME TIME every 24 hrs for the duration of the game!  Next you will then select the type of game, the friends you want to invite and your level of difficulty.

PIKL - Number of Challenges per Game

The game duration is dictated by the number of challenges included. You can choose from 5, 6, 7 or 8 challenges in your game. New Challenge notifications will be issued every 24 hours from the game start time until the game ends. For example, a 6-challenge game would last approximately 7  days.

PIKL - Participant Entry

To join a game, the invitation must be accepted before the Game Start Time. A minimum of three players are needed to start a game, and if this requirement is not met by the Game Start Time, the game will be automatically cancelled and active players will be notified.

PIKL - Gameplay

At the predetermined start time, everyone playing the game will receive their first in-app challenge notification! Each challenge notification offers 4 options rated from 1 to 4 stars, with the 4 star challenges being the hardest to complete! You will have 1 hour to select a challenge, and once confirmed, your decision is final!

Challenges will have time limits in order to complete them. There are 3 different challenge lengths you will see throughout your game:

Quick Challenge: 24 hours to complete
Regular Challenge: 48 hours to complete
Extended Challenge: 7 days to complete

When you receive the in-app challenge notification, a countdown timer will also appear displaying how much time is left to finish!


* The 1 hour selection window is factored into the challenge length! For example, if you select the Regular Challenge at the end of the 1 hour window, you only have 47 hours left to finish.

* Your competitors will not be able to see what challenge you picked until immediately after the 1 hour selection window is finished. A notification will be sent out revealing all the players challenges to each other.

* Be creative! If you find a challenge difficult due to specific requirements, find a worthy substitute! A snow-covered surface could fill-in for a beach, a bathtub could fill-in for a pool… Keep in mind that your game members are voting, and if they see you give an honest attempt using creative solutions – you are sure to get their vote!

PIKL - Completing a Challenge
PIKL - Proving a Challenge

Completing a Challenge!

Once you’ve picked a challenge its now time to complete the challenge! Each Challenge has a star level attached to it telling you the basic difficulty of the challenge and the points awarded by completing it. Typically the higher the star level the more difficult it is to complete and the higher the star level the more points will be awarded. (see point table below)

Star Rating

Point Value

4 Star 100 pts
3 Star 75 pts
2 Star 50 pts
1 Star 25 pts

Please note*** some Challenges maybe rated higher than others and may seem easier to complete for some people while some challenges may seem hard to complete at lower star level to other players! A lot depends on a bunch of factors such as location, ability and your overall willingness to do certain things! Mr. PIKL has done his best to rate them as fair and equally as possible but if you see something you can easily do for 4 stars then go to it!!

Proving a Challenge

In order to get awarded the points for a challenge you must complete the challenge and get approval from your fellow game members in the time allotted! This is determined by vote and an approved challenge MUST receive at least 50% of the vote! In order for game members to vote on a challenge you must show proof you completed. There are 3 ways to show proof of you completing your Challenge:

There are 3 ways to verify a completed challenge:

Picture: Upload an image to the app showing your results. For some challenges a picture will suffice, but in some cases you may need to show more detail.

Video: Upload a video to the app showing in more detail you completing your challenge. Have a friend record your attempt if you can’t do it alone!

Honour system: If one or more players see you in complete the challenge in-person, they can vote to approve your completion without picture or video proof.

Some challenges may require multiple submissions, as you may need to document proof throughout the duration of the game!

*If playing in an open game it is highly recommended to use a timestamp on the picture or video you’ve uploaded or maybe even in a game with friends to keep things honest!  The date and time in the corner will do.  A great timestamp app can be found HERE.

*Challenge submission media must receive at least 50% approval from voters to earn the points! Zero points are given for challenges submissions with less than 50% voters’ approval.

Pikl - Voting on a Challenege

Voting on challenges can only be done once submission time ends.  Contestants will receive a notification telling them a competitors challenges is ready for voting.  They can then enter the game screen to locate the challenge, then just hit the “Vote” button in the bottom right of the picture or video:



and click “Yup!” or “Nope!” they didn’t to cast your Vote!


Pikl - How Voting Works

In order to get awarded the points for a challenge, you must get approval from your fellow game members! 

This is determined by the total votes awarded for the Challenge submission.   

  • Approved challenges must receive at least 50% of the vote!  (Challenges with less than 50% approval receive zero points!)   
  • Votes must be cast within 12 hours after the submission time ends and once a vote is cast it cannot be changed!!



There are 3 types of Leaderboards to view in The PIKL Challenge:

Group Leaderboards: Display your current Games Leaders, updated each time a submission is awarded approval by the voters.

Friends Leaderboards: Display points history of all the friends who you follow and follow you.

Global Leaderboard: This is the lifetime Leaderboard of the entire PIKL community! See the most daring and courageous members, contending for the ultimate bragging rights of being the PIKL Challenge Champion!

*Leaderboard can be sorted by Date and by level.

View Leaderboards HERE


The winner of the game is the player with the most points after the predetermined amount of Challenges have concluded. In the event of a tie, the player who uploaded their final Challenge media first will be declared the winner!